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      December, 05 2015 - Emily
Certified Review
Kasi is the best hairstylist that I have ever met. She is more than a hairstylist, etc... She is a strong, kind, beautiful, creative, woman . I admire her work, as a stylist, but most of all her heart. I highly recommend her to any woman that wants a great stylist , and a true friend. I love her and look up to her work ethic . She is my rock, everything about her inspire's me and I believe that she will own the Western Eden one day, she has the skills to do it. Hint, hint. Love you Kasi. Keep on being you, and Merry Christmas .
Not a dang thing????
Services received :
  • 45 Min Haircut & style with Kasie
      November, 06 2015 - Amber
Certified Review
Christy Burton is a true artist in every aspect. Her talent is God given. My search is over for the perfect cut. Thank you Eden Salon!
Services received :
  • Consultation-Hair with Christy
  • 45 Min Haircut & style with Christy
      June, 27 2015 - Tara
Certified Review
Michelle is great. Just got a simple trim. Super knowledgable about the products and gives you her honest opinion.
Services received :
  • 45 Min Haircut & style with Michelle
      June, 10 2015 - julie
Certified Review
People were friendly and personable! Got a good haircut too!
Services received :
  • 45 Min Haircut & style with Michelle
  • Consultation-Hair with Michelle
      May, 22 2015 - Janis
Certified Review
I'm always treated like royalty at Eden. Except not so stuffy. Everybody knows my name. Everybody is friendly and helpful. The services are always top notch.
Services received :
  • Brow wax with Kasie
      May, 02 2015 - Alexx
Certified Review
Amazing! I went to Kasie for a Brazilian today and it took no more than 10 minutes and barely hurt. Makes me more inclined to come back again and again. I've had brazilians in the past where I was on the table for like 30 minutes, legs shaking amd sweating afterward from so much pain. Totally different experience here. I HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for a bikini or Brazilian wax!!
Services received :
  • Brazilian bikini wax with Kasie

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